Energy & Opportunity Grow in the West

These days we’re running low on cowboys and outlaws…but Western Garfield County’s wild west is still a hub of opportunity, energy, and growth. Especially since we unveiled our Energy Village plan in 2005—a plan that promises a more sustainable community, that bridges the gap between traditional energy sources of the past and the renewable energy options of the future.

It’s this commitment to energy and growth that got us noticed by the Online Code Environment & Advocacy Network last year. They say we’re one of 10 U.S. locations on the cutting-edge of energy codes. And we’re committed to staying there.

Considering a relocation or expansion in Western Garfield County? Explore our Energy Village plan, our demographics or our I-70 corridor location.

A Lifestyle with Elbow Room

Framed by the majestic Book Cliffs and nestled along the Colorado River, Western Garfield County is one of the few places left with a little elbow room. Forget standing in line at the grocery store and get used to knowing your neighbors—we may be growing, but we still have that small town charm.

An Energy Village

Built to bridge the gap between traditional energy and renewable energy, Rifle's Energy Village plan is creating a more sustainable, economically healthy region.

A Forward-Thinking Region

In Western Garfield County, we're focused on opportunities: creating them and taking advantage of them. That's probably why we've been growing every year-with new people, new businesses, and more sustainable communities.